TowerFall Dark World introduces the next four archers

Creator Matt Thorson has pulled the curtain back on the next four archers to join the Towerfall Dark World DLC, including one archer based on Castlevania's Alucard and another one based on "Tropes vs. Women in Games" creator Anita Sarkeesian.


Creator Matt Thorson is continuing his work on TowerFall Ascension's first and only DLC package, unveiling some more tidbits on TowerFall Dark World. Thorson notes that there will be ten new archers included with the expansion and offers some new details on four more of them.

The alternate red archer, the Vainglorious Ghoul, was revealed at the end of 2014. Here are some of the characters that will join him, as revealed on Thorson's Tumblr page:

Vigilante Mask (Green) - Disciple of the original green archer, she dons a mask meant to intimidate, while also look super cool.

Last of the Order (Blue) - A no-nonsense female archer, whose design is inspired by "Tropes vs Women in Games" creator Anita Sarkeesian.

Blind Prince (Pink) - Fallen royalty that saw his father's throne overthrown, this character attempted to reclaim what belonged to his family, but was soundly defeated. Having lost his eyesight in the conflict, the Blind Prince picks up his bow to fight again.

Loyal Kingsguard (Orange) - This evil double stands by his corrupted king and fights at his side. The character's design is based on Alucard from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

In addition to new characters, Thorson previously added that the expansion would introduce two new arrow types: the detonator-based Trigger Arrows and the confining Prism Arrows. It will also introduce a new four-player co-op mode, as well as four new Versus level sets (one of which uses procedurally-generated stages) and other minor additions, such as dodge stalling, ledge slipping, and more.

Look for further details about TowerFall Dark Tower in the coming weeks. The expansion is set to hit PC and PlayStation 4 around April or May. Look for the base game and the DLC to also hit PlayStation Vita for the first time during that same period.

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