Chatty Twitch Highlights 51: Playing chicken with Breaking Point

For our latest Twitch roundup, Sapiens rounds up a party of Chatty posters and plays chicken with an armored car in the Arma III mod, Breaking Point. Plus, the Battlefield 4 Shackbattle and some fun with Dota 2!


Welcome to the 51st edition of the Chatty Twitch Highlights! Yes, it's hard to believe that a year's worth of this segment will fall next week on Valentine's Day, but we've come very far with week-after-week of the best gaming streams from our own contributors on the Shacknews Chatty community.

For today, we take a look at the mod scene with our first look at Breaking Point. That's followed up by our slew of weekly Shack get-togethers. Check them all out below!

Warning: Some clips may contain NSFW language.

Breaking Point

For those unfamiliar with Breaking Point, this is a popular Arma III mod that turns the game into a zombie survival game, closer to DayZ. However, it's built further on the basis of realism and adds some new ideas, like Factions. To get a look at Breaking Point, we have Sapiens taking viewers on a ride with fellow posters JT and Crabs Jarrard, as they try and survive a game of chicken against an armored car. Check out how they fare below.

Watch live video from SergeonMD on Twitch

Battlefield 4

The Battlefield Hardline beta may be out now, but a chunk of our Chatty community doesn't appear to be impressed. In fact, their opinions are further cemented after going back in and playing Battlefield 4. Check out the latest Shackbattle and get a look at how Battlefield 4's scope, multiplayer component, and team elements are so far outdoing the newer Hardline. The whole thing is available on Hemtroll's Twitch channel.

Dota 2

Finally, it's time to remind everyone that while League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm are fine MOBA choices, the Chatty community ultimately stands with Dota 2. There's still a high learning curve, last I checked, so why not learn a little bit of Dota 2 with Chatty poster DozIR_? Watch him play a couple of ronds and include our Chatty community in the festivities.

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