Republique Remastered gets PC and Mac release later this month

Camouflaj has announced its Republique Remastered will be hitting both PC and Mac on February 26.


Republique Remastered will be launching on PC and Mac via Steam, GOG, and Humble Store on February 26, Camouflaj announced today.

The critically-acclaimed stealth adventure game has been completely rebuilt from the ground up using Unity 5, and as a result, the game will include physically based shading, real-time global illumination, and reflection probes.

“Ever since we committed to doing a desktop version of Republique, we’ve been haunted by the task for delivering something truly special for PC players,” says Ryan Payton, designer at Camouflaj. “When we got a glimpse at the next iteration of Unity we realized that this was the answer — beyond redesigning the game’s controls and UI for desktop, we’ve completely gutted all the game’s art, rebuilding everything using Unity 5’s cutting-edge graphical features. The result is something you have to see to believe.”

Republique Remastered has players assisting Hope, who is looking to escape from a secret, Orwellian state. Through the use of a stolen phone, Hope will contact the player in order to ask them to assist her in a number of ways, which includes hacking into the nation’s surveillance system. The player will be able to progress to controlling surveillance cameras and other network-enabled devices, which will make you a larger threat to the Overseer.

Republique Remastered will include Episode 1: Exordium, Episode 2: Metamorphosis, and Episode 3: Ones and Zeroes in both its Standard and Deluxe Editions. Both editions will include a pre-purchase of the upcoming Episode 4: God’s Acre and Episode 5: Terminus, while the Deluxe Edition adds the complete soundtracks, two early prototypes, and an hour-long making-of documentary.

During its launch week, Republique Remastered will debut at a 20% off sales price at $19,99 and $28.99, respectively. Afterwards, the pricing for both will go to their standard $24.99 and $34.99 prices, respectivey.

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    Daniel Perez posted a new article, Republique Remastered gets PC and Mac release later this month

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      Neato. Have always been interested in this.

      If there is one 2000-forward meme I'd like to see done away with, it's 'Female Video Game Character In Hoodie'.

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        That is not a meme. That is a trope.

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          Merci. I've had a problem with those for a while.

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        is this actually a problem thing? i didn't notice.

        Better a hoodie than some skimpy ass outfit for the thousandth time.

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          It's just something I feel that I see frequently. Dante's lady friend in the latest Devil May Cry for instance. I am having trouble coming up with other examples, but I'm sure I'm not crazy.

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            I'm just not sure why that would bother you?

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              Ha! OK, I mislabelled it as a meme, and then mis-characterized it as a trope implying I'm weirdly angry about it. Not the case.

              It's just common and lazy. Not banning any games because of it or anything. End of subthread please. :)

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                no, subthread must continue. what is better, pancakes or waffles

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                  Waffles are the evolution of pancakes and I old eat the top of the food chain.

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