Capcom reveals tons of Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Raid Mode info

Capcom has been keeping quiet about Revelations 2's Raid Mode, but they finally released a ton of information regarding the return of the fan-favorite game mode.


Capcom confirmed Resident Evil Revelations 2 would include Raid Mode, which debuted with the original Revelations title, a long time ago. Up until now, they didn’t go into detail as to how it’ll play this time around, but that all changes today as Capcom has finally detailed Revelations 2’s Raid Mode.

Raid Mode will be available as soon as you purchase the first episode of Revelations 2, which will include a total of 54 Raid Mode missions available across three difficulty settings. Follow-up episodes will contain additional Raid Mode missions with those purchasing all four episodes able to partake in a total of 194 missions that will increase in difficulty as you progress.

Capcom has added a ton of content into Revelations 2’s Raid Mode as you’ll play from a number of maps from its story mode, but also from the original Revelations and Resident Evil 6 as well. New weapons, custom parts, and four times as many character skills round out some of the improvements Capcom has made this time around.

A total of 15 playable characters will be available to play with in Raid Mode that will be unlocked depending on what episode or bundle you purchase. Those who purchase the complete season digitally will be given access to Hunk, while a retail disc purchase will make both Hunk and Wesker available for play.

At its launch, Raid Mode will only be available as an offline game mode that can be played either alone or via split-screen co-op. Capcom expects online play for Raid Mode to be available shortly after the release of the final episode and retail disc in March.

If that isn’t enough information for you to digest, Capcom has also published a rundown of Raid Mode in Revelations 2. Just make sure you put aside around 20 minutes of your day to watch it as it’s a pretty long video.

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