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Grow Home, organic puzzler from Ubisoft, coming next month

Ubisoft unveiled a new game today, and it's already only a few weeks away.


Ubisoft announced a new game today, and it's due in just a few short weeks. It's called Grow Home, and it's coming to PC on February 4.

Calling it an experimental toy that a few developers were tinkering with, it grew into a full game. It tells the story of the Botanical Utility Droid "BUD" on his mission to find new flora for his home world. He finds a special Star Plant that grows into a bridge between the planet and his starship. Players are tasked with directing the growth of the planet, and use the game pad to control BUD's hands as he pushes and grabs objects. As you reach further into the sky, you can make use of tools like teleportation pads and parachutes for quicker access up and down the beanstalk.

It's a project from Ubisoft Reflections, capitalizing on the design philosophy behind Valiant Hearts and Child of Light. Check out the first screenshots below.

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