Evolve's 7-minute survival guide video covers all there is to know

Want to know everything there's to know about Evolve? Then you owe it to yourself to spend seven minutes watching this survival guide.


The release of Evolve is just a few weeks away, and if the alpha and betas of the title have yet to prepare you for the monster, or hunter hunting, then you’re going to want to watch this 7-minute video that 2K and Turtle Rock Studios released.

The Evolve: Survival Guide trailer introduces us to Shear, where you’ll be spending much of your time in the game fighting to survive from all of the dangerous wildlife throughout the planet. Those who decide to hunt on this planet are either extremely tough or just outright crazy. That’s when we become introduced to the Hunters.

The video highlights the various Monsters in Evolve, as well as the different game modes available in the game. If you’ve been keeping a close eye on Evolve, I’m sure all of this may seem like old information, but if you need one single video to best describe Evolve, this would be it.

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