Double Fine releases 'Devs Play' of Doom with John Romero

Double Fine continues their look into the past with the latest in their Devs Play series. Today, it's a topic near and dear to our Shacknews audience, as Double Fine plays Doom with id Software co-founder John Romero.


As promised when the series first debuted, Double Fine has stuck to a steady weekly schedule for its Devs Play series, in which the studio would play through classic games alongside some of its original developers. Today's episode will be of particular interest to anyone that has followed Shacknews since its inception. Double Fine is walking through the original Doom, along with original id Software co-founder John Romero.

Doom is widely considered one of the pioneers of the first-person shooter genre. Released in 1993, Romero (along with John Carmack, now at Oculus) created a full-blown alien world that put players in the role of an unnamed Doom Marine. The series has since become revered for its shooting mechanics, first-person 3D perspective, intimidating monsters, and hard-hitting weaponry. It recently finished #5 on our Shacknews Chatty community's list of Top 100 PC Games of All-Time.

Check out the introduction and listen to John Romero's commentary in the video below. Catch the rest of the Doom playthrough on Double Fine's YouTube channel.

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