Code Name STEAM coming on March 13

Code Name: STEAM is releasing in March, and is bringing some Fire Emblem characters along for the ride.


Code Name: STEAM is releasing in March, and will be getting a special visit from another notable strategy series.

During a Nintendo Direct presentation today, the company announced a release date of March 13. It also stated that if you're using the new 3DS, you can use Amiibo to import characters from Fire Emblem. That will include some of the new wave coming this spring. Ike is due in February, while Robin and Lucina are coming later in the season.

As an interesting aside, Nintendo noted that Marth will be restocked later this year. The character had suffered shortages, especially after Nintendo announced that some less popular figures wouldn't be restocked after their initial numbers had sold out. That led to heavy purchasing and even reselling, so if you paid outrageous fees on eBay to score a Marth, we're sorry to tell you that you wasted your money. Presumably this means Nintendo will restock others that have seen shortages as well, but only Marth has been announced.

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