Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare unleashes 'Havoc' on January 27 on Xbox

Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners will get the first crack at Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's first DLC pack, which will include four new multiplayer maps and a star-studded Exo Zombies mode.


Activision and Sledgehammer Games are about to wreak some 'Havoc' on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare with the game's first DLC pack. This add-on will toss in four new multiplayer maps, as well as the previously-revealed Exo Zombies game mode, the latter of which will contain a celebrity cast.

Exo Zombies will follow the story of four Atlas employees who find themselves at the wrong end of an enhanced zombie outbreak. The four characters are played by In the Line of Fire and Con Air actor John Malkovich, Aliens and Edge of Tomorrow actor Bill Paxton, Scream's Rose McGowan, and The Walking Dead's Jon Bernthal. Like Kevin Spacey before them, their likenesses will be added to the game for a more cinematic experience.

Those looking to Havoc's multiplayer additions will find the following maps:

  • Core - A Gobi desert battlefield amid the ruins of a nuclear fusion plant.
  • Urban - Combat centers around a futuristic skyscraper called Dallas Ward 3, leading to close quarters combat.
  • Sideshow - An abandoned inn lies at the center of this Devil's Tower, Wyoming battleground, surrounded by mining facilities. Scorestreaks will activate the inn's creepy clown lighting and decorations.
  • Drift - A Rocky Mountain ski resort that takes CoD into the snow, where avalanches can potentially wipe out any soldier unlucky enough to get caught.

The Havoc DLC is set to release on January 27 on Xbox One and Xbox 360 for $15. It will also be available for free for Season Pass owners. No date has been given for Advanced Warfare's other platforms, but expect this DLC to hit PC and PS4 in the coming weeks. For more, including information on the DLC's new weapons, check out the trailer below.

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