Pix the Cat levels up to PC release in late January

Pastagames' Pix the Cat will be making its way to PC later this month.


Pix the Cat will be making its way to PC soon as Pastagames has announced they plan on releasing the game towards the end of January.

Pix the Cat released on the PlayStation 4 and Vita back in October 2014 where over 1 million players downloaded the game, which was available for free through Sony’s PS Plus monthly free games promotion. The PC version will feature both single and multiplayer modes as you take Pix deeper and deeper into levels in a mashup of Snake and Pac-Man. As players progress through each level, they’ll be treated to changing themes and aesthetics that help keep the replayability of the game high due to all of the surprises players can experience.

Pastagames has yet to announce a price for Pix the Cat on PC, although it’s currently available on the PlayStation Store for $16.49.

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