Call of Duty Online invades China's free-to-play market

Activision has just released a free-to-play version of Call of Duty in China.


Activision has launched a free-to-play version of its extremely popular shooter, Call of Duty, across China today marking the first time the series has been made available in the region. The public open beta of Call of Duty Online is now available to hundreds of millions of Chinese gamers to play starting today.

Call of Duty Online’s free-to-play mechanics allows players to purchase or rent in-game items as they play a number of game modes, including Hero Ops single-player campaign missions, Survival Mode co-op, Cyborgs, which is a PVE mode created exclusively for Chinese markets, and the traditional Call of Duty multiplayer experience.

Call of Duty Online’s availability comes just a few days after Sony announced its PlayStation 4’s debut in China has been delayed. Activision being able to break into the Chinese gaming market, which has been difficult for most publishers and developers outside of the region to get into, is a pretty big deal. Whether or not their efforts pay off is another thing, but at least Chinese gamers can now get their Call of Duty fix whenever they please.

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