CES 2015: Mionix NAOS QG Mouse Tracks Your PC Gaming Performance

In an age of smart devices and metadata, a smart gaming mouse is almost inevitable. The Mionix NAOS QG (Quantified Gaming) Mouse charts your biodata and activities so you can up your game. Check out its design and features in our exclusive interview with Mionix CEO Carl Silberskys at CES 2015.


If you're in need of statistical data to up your PC gaming performance, then your needs will soon have all you need. The Mionix NAOS QG (Quantified Gaming) Mouse is currently in development and made a showing at CES 2015. This smart mouse monitors the player's data such as heart beat, skin response, movement data, and actions per minute. Using it, you'll have an idea of when you're the most stressed and if whether or not you can handle the pressure of intense gaming. Mionix CEO Carl Silberskys tells us about the benefits of Quantified Gaming in this exclusive interview.

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