CES 2015: SlimPort Nano Console can play your mobile games on your TV

Need to play your mobile games or view videos on your big screen but can't be bothered to figure out how? Then you need to check out the SlimPort Nano Console.

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At this year’s CES, we had a chance to speak with Analogix Semi Conductor where it was debuting its SlimPort Nano Console.

The purpose of the SlimPort Nano Console is to allow mobile users to be able to enjoy their content on the big screen, such as for games, videos, and other media. The console hooked up to your mobile device of choice, and can transmit what’s on your mobile’s screen onto your TV. Analogix even supplies a touchscreen mouse of sorts that allows the user to be able to control their device while it’s far from reach.

If you've been needing something like this in your life, keep an eye out as pre-orders for the SlimPort Nano Console are starting soon with orders shipping out this spring.

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