Shack Reels: Check out all of the Evolve Beta's Monsters, Hunters, and abilities

Excited to partake in the upcoming beta for Evolve? So are we, which is why we wanted to show what you can expect from it in our latest video.

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We’re pretty pumped for the upcoming release of 2K and Turtle Rock Studios’ Evolve, so we thought we’d offer up a preview of all of the Monsters, Hunters, and abilities that are expected to be in the upcoming beta.

In our video, we briefly check out the previously announced Monsters, which includes the Goliath and Kraken, as well as the new Monster, the Wraith.

More importantly, we check out the new Hunters and their abilities. We take a look at the different Hunters available across the Medic, Assault, Trapper, and Support classes. We also take a look at what kinds of abilities each Hunter offers in comparison with the others.

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