Internet Archive adds 2,000+ playable MS-DOS games to its library

Want to play over 2,000 MS-DOS-based games on your browser right this very minute? Then you need to head over to the Internet Archive.


The Internet Archive was updated recently to host over 2,000 MS-DOS games that are completely playable from your browser right this very moment.

Having over 2,000 titles to choose from can certainly overwhelm most people, but some notable games include the original Oregon Trail, Wolfenstein 3D, The Lion King, Mega Man, Rise of the Dragon, and Prince of Persia.

Thew way the Internet Archive is able to have these games running from your browser is through the use of an EM-DOXBOX in-browser emulator. Unfortunately, not all browser-based emulations will run flawlessly, so keep that in mind if things act a little funky. At least the browser-based emulator is able to detect if you have a gamepad installed on your computer, which can make playing some of these older game a little bit easier.

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