Gunpoint creator uploads game creation tutorial for 'absolute beginners'

Gunpoint was among the most underrated games of 2013. Today, creator Tom Francis wants to teach complete beginners how to create their first game, thanks to a new series of videos.


Gunpoint was one of 2013's most underrated games, so it might take a few people by surprise that creator Tom Francis considers himself to be something of an amateur programmer. That might raise some questions as to how he managed to create such a fine game. Today, Francis seeks to answer that by teaching complete beginners how to create games.

Francis took some time out from working on Heat Signature to upload the first of a series of videos meant to teach absolute beginners how to create a game. The 30-minute first installment focuses on writing code using Game Maker, which he notes is available for free from YoYo Games.

"First thing to say is, I'm not a good programmer," Francis said. "I'm actually a terrible programmer. This is much more about getting something up and running as quickly as possible."

From there, Francis goes into a detailed step-by-step process for creating a top-down game. Anyone that has ever thought about getting into game development may be interested in checking out the full video below. Be sure to follow Francis's YouTube channel for more tutorial videos as they're released.

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