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PlayStation Now Getting Subscription Options This Month

The PlayStation Now game streaming service will soon be offering subscriptions so that customers can play a flat fee for access to hundreds of streaming PS3 games.


Sony's PlayStation Now service has allowed players to rent games for a few months now, but the one big feature it has been missing is letting customers pay a flat subscription fee for access to streaming games. Well, that is going to change. Peter Jemshidi, Director of Marketing for PlayStation Now, announced on the PlayStation Blog this morning that a subscription service will start on January 13th.

There will be two subscription plans to choose from. Subscribers can either pay $19.99 a month, or $44.99 for a three-month pack (about $15 a month). Either way, gamers will get access to hundreds of PS3 games online using the PS4, and it will come to other PlayStation Now enabled devices at a later date.

SourcePlayStation Blog

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