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Our 2014 Favorites: Steven Wong

Leading up to our collective Top 10 Games of the Year, Managin Editor Steven Wong is here to tell you about some games he felt should get your attention this year.


With the flood of big games releasing in the fall, it's easy for some to be overlooked. In case you wanted a few more games to add to your pile, here are some games that you might have missed out on, but are definitely worth checking out. 

The Wolf Among Us

As a big fan of the Fables comic book series, I jumped at the chance to play a Telltale adventure based on it. Although I was a little disappointed with some of the decision outcomes, I thought the overall experience was satisfying and worthy of recognition. The voice acting was very good, the plot kept players guessing until the end, and you got to watch Bigby transform into giant wolf form. I also love seeing Fabletown before the comic book timeline begins with Snow White already in charge, and it's nice to see it was a mess then too. Stepping between the worlds of Fabletown's main office and its seedy underbelly, comprised of forgotten outcasts, is a worthwhile experience for any fan of the series. It's a game that's worth a couple of playthroughs, just to see what would happen if you chose to go in one direction instead of another.

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein: The New Order was just the kick in the pants gaming needed, although you probably wouldn't think it would be. Although the game features great story and setting, complete with giant robots and cybernetic attack dogs, it is still a linear single player experience featuring a one-man army. I guess sometimes all you need is B.J. Blazkowicz against an unstoppable super Nazi occupation.


Although it's generally short and sweet, Gauntlet remains the ultimate go-to party game, especially if you have a portable gaming PC like a notebook or an Alienware Alpha. It still surprises me how easily jumping into one dungeon turns into an afternoon-long marathon. The game strikes a fantastic balance between cooperation and competitiveness. All players are generally working together to defeat the dangers of a dungeon, but each person wants to get out with the most loot. I think the Elf might be a bit overpowered, but that's ok with me, because it's my favorite character.

Alien Isolation

Even though I still get an anxiety attack whenever I think about playing Alien Isolation, it's probably one of the best stress experiences around. The game does a fantastic job making the player feel helpless against impossible odds. Furthermore, its art style fully captures the look and feel of the original movie, from the monochrome CRT monitors to the big clunky motion tracker that's as harmful as it is useful. Alien Isolation brings a sense of fear back into the Alien franchise. Nothing matches the sense of dread and terror you feel when there's a vicious alien prowling the tight corridors, looking to tear your throat out.

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