Evolve unveils the Wraith, Evacuation mode, and Xbox One open beta details

2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios is intorducing Evolve's third monster, the deadly Wraith. They also reveal details about the new Evacuation mode, as well as what Xbox One owners can expect for their exclusive open beta.


Evolve's world is about to get a little bigger. While the Hunters have had their hands full tracking down Goliath and the Kraken, they're about to face a whole new threat, one that they won't see coming. 2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios have unveiled the Wraith, the game's third monster and its stealthiest creature yet.

The Wraith is far quicker than her fellow monsters and once she gets up close, she can deliver killer blows her two long blades. She has the least amount of health and armor of all of Evolve's monsters, but she makes up for it with quick movements and warping skills. The Wraith can use a warp blast, unleash decoys, abduct individual Hunters, and entrap her would-be captors with a supernova arena.

"The Wraith is our assassin," Turtle Rock co-founder Phil Robb told Shacknews. "Sometimes when you're fighting Wraith, you feel like you're getting hit from every different direction. Like all the other monsters, she has four abilities. The first one is her Warp Blast. She's kind of a teleporting monster. She zips in and basically creates a big blast. The Wraith can create a decoy, so the decoy basically just appears out of nowhere. What happens is, when the decoy appears, the Wraith actually goes invisible. The nice thing about the decoy is that it does damage, as well, but it's a great distraction. So you send your decoy out then you invisibly sneak away, so you can escape, if that's your prerogative, or re-position so you can attack from a different angle. The third ability is the Supernova. Supernova basically creates a big area of effect and as long as the Wraith is inside that area of effect, she is a crazy killing machine. What it does it takes her melee attacks and supercharges them. It's very visible, easy to see. She becomes this white energy and her attacks go completely berzerk. Her damage per second just skyrockets while she's inside the area of effect. Of course, the Hunters can just leave that area of effect so that she has to come out to fight them, but that sort of leads me to her fourth ability, which is Abduction. With Abduction, she basically grabs onto her target, and warps back to her original position."

Robb goes on to discuss many of the inspirations behind Evolve's monsters, as well as how the Big Alpha helped the game's ongoing development. You can watch Greg Burke's full interview with Robb in the video below.

2K and Turtle Rock also unveiled Evolve's Evacuation mode. This will serve as sort of a mini-campaign, taking place across five matches. All maps, game modes, Hunters, and Monsters will be included in Evacuation, but the outcome of each match will affect what happens next, while offering unspecified benefits to the winners of each round. Between all of the different environments, maps, and mission types, Turtle Rock is boasting over 800,000 possible combinations.

Finally, some new details have been revealed about the upcoming Xbox One beta. Players will get access to the game's Hunt mode and can play with any of the eight Hunters, as well as Goliath and Kraken, across 12 of the game's maps. All progress earned can be carried over to the main game when it releases in February. Xbox One owners can participate in the open beta starting on January 15 and can also begin to take part in Evacuation on January 17. All open beta festivities will run exclusively on Xbox One through January 19.

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