Snail Games USA launching Android-based gaming devices at CES 2015

CES 2015 is right around the corner, and Snail Games USA is preparing to launch Android-based gaming smartphones and a console at this year's show.


Snail Games USA is planning on debuting its lineup of gaming devices during next month’s CES, taking place between January 6 and January 9. These include a new smartphone specifically geared towards gamers, and a gaming console that runs on Android which features a modular design.

Snail’s gaming smartphones, dubbed the W and W 3D, will feature a gamepad-style design as well as software that is said to bring the feel of traditional game controllers to the mobile marketplace. The W 3D also includes Snail’s latest glasses-free 3D display technology that also feature eye tracking. Both devices will run on Android.

The OBox, which is Snail’s Android gaming console, will be using an adapted operating system that will allow users to access a wide variety of games and applications. No other information was given regarding the OBox, so we’ll keep an eye out for additional details once Snail unveils it, and its gaming smartphones, at this year’s CES.

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