Steam Holiday Auction begins on Monday

If you have unused Steam junk, now's the time to trade it in and get in on the Steam Holiday Auction, set to begin on Monday.


With all of the Steam sales that have taken place over the years, chances are that a lot of junk has accumulated over the years. Valve is now offering a chance to trade some of that unused material in for something a little more tangible.

The Steam Holiday Auction will allow Steam users to trade in their unused items, such as Trading Cards and the like, for Steam Gems that can be used for Steam Auctions. Items up for bids include a whole lot of Steam games, which include recent releases like Civilization: Beyond Earth, The Talos Principle, and This War of Mine. The first Steam Auction is set to begin on Monday morning, with a new one happening every 45 minutes until Thursday, December 18.

For more info, check out Steam Auctions.

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