illogika's rogue-like puzzle platformer Subaeria shown off in new trailer

Subaeria looks to offer a new take on rogue-like game mechanics through the use of indirect combat and offering multiple views of the game world. Check out the first teaser trailer that developer illogika released today.


illogika has released a new teaser trailer that shows off the first ever gameplay footage for its puzzle platformer, Subaeria, today.

The new footage gives a sneak peek at how Subaeria’s “procedural death labyrinth” plays out within the game’s flooded dystopia. The trailer shows off the title’s in-game mazes which are absolutely filled with cleaning robots that act as the Subaeria’s hardcore security system. Thankfully, players will be given access to hidden high-tech gadgets that can be used to set and avoid enemy traps.

Subaeria looks to offer a new take on the rogue-like game mechanics that have become popular as of late by offering branching storylines that requires players to find ways to avoid direct combat with enemies. The only real way to survive in the world of Subaeria is by tripping, tricking, and trapping their opponents with one of several characters that have varying views of the world around them.

Subaeria is expected to launch on PC sometime in mid-2015.

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