Sunset Overdrive takes us offshore in Mystery of Mooil Rig on Dec. 23

Microsoft and Insomniac Studios have announced the first story-based DLC add-on for Sunset Overdrive that will take us away from Sunset City to an offshore oil rig.


Sunset Overdrive received quite an update in late September that brought new weapons and special events within Chaos Squad, but later this month, the title will finally be receiving its first story-based DLC add-on.

Sunset Overdrive will introduce us to “The Mystery of Mooil Rig,” which is being described as a “floating playground” located offshore of Sunset City. Since it’s so far offshore from the city, two new water-based moves are being introduced to help make your Sunset Overdrive hero a bit more mobile: water dive and water slam bounce.

Once you make your way to the rig, you’ll be met with disgruntled workers, who unfortunately for you, are very well armed, and aquatic mutants. The rig will feature additional missions, quests and challenges and you’ll be able to earn new weapons, traps, and amps. New Chaos Squad objectives will also be introduced.

The Mystery of Mooil Rig will be available on December 23 and will cost $9.99 by itself, although it will be free for Season Pass owners.

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