The Crew: What You Can and Can't Do...

We tried our best to do some sandboxing in The Crew.  Check out what we found when we tried to get in some trouble!

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Here at Shacknews, we just got our hands on The Crew. We've played it before, but for the first time we've had the chance to really get into it.

Without a doubt, The Crew is an ambitious game that achieves many things that are new to the racing game genre. There's a beautifully rendered open world that blows Forza right out of the water. There's also a unique multiplayer experience that makes the game feel like the first ever car-based MMORPG. Creatively speaking, The Crew is a racing game that really thinks outside of the box and challenges what we thought we knew about games of its likeness. Despite all the things The Crew gets right, after playing the game for a few hours, the limits of the game became more aparent than ever before. 

Watch as Eric tests the limits of The Crew and figures out exactly what you can, and can't, do.

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