Loadout blasts onto PlayStation 4 on December 16

The comic book-stylized free-to-play multiplayer shooter, Loadout, now has a released date for PlayStation 4. It'll be here in just a few short weeks.


Nearly six months after it was first announced, the PlayStation 4 version of Loadout is set to arrive on Sony's console in just a few short weeks.

For those unfamiliar, Loadout is from the crew at Edge of Reality. It's a free-to-play multiplayer shooter with a distinctly stylized comic book art style. It also has its share of crazy weaponry, dismemberment, and explosions. Loadout originally released earlier this year on Steam.

PlayStation Plus members that pick up Loadout will get a special bonus pack that includes blue and white body paint, to bring out the warrior (or the Spartan) in you. Loadout is set to arrive on December 16. For a look at some of the shenanigans that await, check out the trailer below.

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    December 5, 2014 11:00 AM

    Ozzie Mejia posted a new article, Loadout blasts onto PlayStation 4 on December 16

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      December 5, 2014 11:18 AM

      Loadout is an unbalanced, unpolished, mess.

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        December 5, 2014 11:18 AM

        I will add, that it's funny, but not worth playing as a game

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      December 5, 2014 12:17 PM

      This game is pretty horrible.I think I played about 30 minutes worth before I just finally got tired of the sophomoric humor and the overall un-fun gameplay.

      I honestly don't see how this game will succeed on PS4.

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