This War of Mine receives 1.1 update

This War of Mine is proving harder than expected, if a recent infographic is any indication. Perhaps some of the 1.1 changes will make the experience a little easier. (Ok, maybe it won't.)


It's brutally tough to fight in an active war and survive, but it's just as soul-crushingly difficult for the civilians stuck in the middle, too. That's been the premise behind 11-bit Studios' This War of Mine and players are quickly learning just how hard it is to see the end of the conflict. In fact, a recent infographic released by the developer shows that only 11 percent of all players have survived to the end of the war.

As players continue their struggle to live through the night, This War of Mine has received its 1.1 update. This update adds some new character setups, as well as some new radio options, enhanced locations, and new animations to go along with a handful of bug fixes. You can see more details about that in the video below.

This War of Mine is currently on Steam for 10% off.

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    Ozzie Mejia posted a new article, This War of Mine receives 1.1 update

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      dammit, it seems even more intriguing now

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