More details for Destiny's The Dark Below DLC revealed in developer diary [Update]

A new developer diary was published today that highlights what we can expect from The Dark Below when it's released next month.


Late last week, we caught a leaked video showing off the opening cinematic for Destiny’s first expansion, The Dark Below. Today, Bungie is ready to offer a closer look at The Dark Below.

Bungie teamed up with Game Informer to offer a developer diary that discusses the nature of The Dark Below’s overall design. We’re also introduced to Eris Morn, who will be the primary quest-giver in The Dark Below and merchant that was unable to defeat Crota, which is the main villain Guardians will be fighting against in the DLC.

As you could imagine, loot will be plentiful in The Dark Below as Bungie designer Jon Weisnewski says “We're gonna have new Crucible weapons, a full set of new Raid weapons, new Vanguard weapons and new legendary weapons across the board.”

The Dark Below will be available on December 9 for $20 which will add new gear and maps to the game, which are also highlighted in today’s video.

[Update: Bungie and Activision have made this very trailer available on YouTube. You can now view it for yourself below.]

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