Chatty Twitch Highlights 43: Dragon Age: Inquisition, Chivalrous Shackbattles, and more

This week's Twitch roundup jumps into a pair of fall hits with Dragon Age: Inquisition and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. And this week's Shackbattle jumps from the Battlefield to something a little more... Medieval.


Thanksgiving is next week, meaning many of the major holiday titles are already out. Chatty has been diving into some of the latest games, as we check out some peeks into Dragon Age: Inquisition and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. We also jump into a blast from the past (in more ways than one) when the weekly Shackbattle shifts from Battlefield to something a little more chivalrous.

Warning: Some clips may contain NSFW language.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition is proving to be a true Game of the Year contender, taking the series to new heights. There's a lot to explore in this 50+ hour game, but every adventure has to start somewhere. So here's errational to give us a peek into the first five minutes of his adventure. We all wish errational luck with his ongoing tale and in any of his future dragon encounters.

Watch live video from errationalgamer on Twitch

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Perhaps the most interesting twist of this fall season is that this year's annual Call of Duty release is actually proving to be a fulfilling, fun-filled experience. Advanced Warfare is proving to be a winner, taking Call of Duty to intriguing new places, especially with a surprisingly varied multiplayer. Chatty's mrwolf710 has been playing througrh some multiplayer and shows off some of what to expect in this clip. Deploy the drone!

Watch live video from MrWolf710 on Twitch

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Chatty Shackbattles are many things, but they are not stagnant. The weekly Battlefield skirmish has been scuttled this week in favor of a past hit. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare eschews guns in favor of swords and old-time melee weaponry, along with realistic physics that see knights get dismembered like something out of Monty Python. This week, Chatty takes to the 'Medieval' arena and you can watch the whole thing in the three-part clip below.

Watch live video from Hemtroll on Twitch
Watch live video from Hemtroll on Twitch
Watch live video from Hemtroll on Twitch

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