DC Universe Online 'War of the Light II' DLC unites all Lanterns today

DC Universe Online has deployed its 12th DLC pack, bringing all Lantern Corps together for the War of the Light II.


The powerful Emotional Spectrum entities have been MIA since the events of DC Universe Online's first War of the Light chapter. Today, the story continues for all players, as Sony Online Entertainment has officially kicked off the War of the Light Part II DLC.

The 12th DLC pack for DCUO will feature a whole new story that centers around Green Lantern Hal Jordan and evil ring bearer Sinestro momentarily ceasing hostilities for the common goal of saving the Emotional Spectrum from total annihilation. Other Lantern Corps are joining in on the action, with this new chapter officially introducing Star Sapphire Carol Ferris, as well as fan-favorite and lone member of the Orange Lantern Corps, the insatiably greedy Larfleeze.

New solo missions will include the Spark of Parallax Solo Challenge, in which heroes and villains join together with Hal Jordan and Sinestro to retrieve the embodiment of fear. New two-player missions include the Spark of Ion Duo, which requires players to escort the essence of willpower safely to Oa. Four-player challenges will see groups take on Star Sapphires in the Zamaron Conversion Chamber mission, embark on a rescue mission atop sentient Mogo in the Hero-only Avarice Impurity, and villains assist Sinestro aboard Ranx in the Villains-only Rage Impurity. The new eight-player Operation, Love and War, will see Heroes and Villains help Sinestro and Hal Jordan recruit the hostile Star Sapphires towards their cause by tracking them down on Zamaron.

The DLC will also toss in new base items based on the Lantern Corps, as well as new Feats, Collections, and PvE gear.

The new trailer for the War of the Light II can be seen below. For more on what the content will contain, visit the DC Universe Online website. The DLC is available on PC, PS4, and PS3 for free to all SOE All-Access members. Everyone else can pick it up for $9.99.

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