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Final Score: Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Halo: The Master Chief Collection has finally released for the Xbox One, but is it truly the master of remasters?


It's no doubt that many will be aching with the Nostalgia that Halo: The Master Chief Collection will bring to their lives. That being said, it doesn't matter who you are, or what console you play on, most likely you've heard or played Halo before at some point in your life. But is the game collection as great as people say it is? We rounded up the hottest reviews around so you could make that decision for yourself.

Shacknews: 8/10

  • “Halo: The Master Chief Collection has a handful of quirks and legacy issues, but those don't diminish the achievement. It's a stellar collection of some of the best games of the last few generations, with options galore and clever ideas like Playlists to breathe new life into old content. It's a must-have for Halo fans, and may rightly serve as a satisfying introduction for newcomers.”

Joystiq: 4.5/5

  • “The campaigns and multiplayer alone are enough to keep anyone busy and enjoying themselves for a very long time, and there's still more to do for those that want it. 

Destructoid: 9/10

  • “While I think I would have given up playing a Halo 2 remaster on its own after a few months, The Master Chief Collection will keep me busy for quite a while. The sheer number of maps, variants, playlists, and rulesets will keep me interested for months on end. I can already envision myself joining groups of friends who only like particular games, forming separate communities within the collection. Not only that, but this is also the perfect way to replay each campaign if I ever get the itch instead of finding multiple discs. This is the new gold standard for remakes. Well done, 343 Industries.”

EuroGamer: 9/10

  • “The Collection is an instantaneous embrace of past and present that combines gaming's powerful sense of nostalgia with its perpetual arms race of processing and graphical power. It is part of a growing appreciation of the past in a medium which until recently was resolutely forward-looking. Proust would bloody love it.”

Polygon: 9.5/10

  • “343 could have sold much of this separately for far more than the regular game retail price they're charging, particularly the lavish Anniversary treatment for Halo 2. Given the enormous amount of Halo on offer, it feels greedy to complain about the absence of "stuff" from the collection, like Halo: ODST and Halo: Reach (though I do wish they were here).
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