COD: Advanced Warfare Zombies not buried under Season Pass

Activision has announced that the special Zombies mode in their newest Call of Duty will not require the Season Pass to play.


Back on the 3rd of Novemeber Gamestop revealed that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare would indeed include a Zombies mode. However, the wording of the press reveal made it appear as if the mode would be hidden behind the $49.99 Season Pass.

Tech News World recieved word on the 4th that the Zombies mode would not be hidden behind the Season Pass, but will also be available for purchase at a lower price. Their contact, Kyle Walker, also stated that the mode was an Easter Egg for zombies fans and that it is their own take and style of Zombies.

It's exciting that it isn't hidden behind that $50 paywall, but just how much will it cost? That part hasn't been revealed yet. 

Source: Tech News World

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