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Hyrule Warriors gets Link Spinner from Amiibo use

Nintendo has specified how Amiibo will work with Hyrule Warriors, adding a whole new character... sort of.


Until now, we weren't quite sure how Hyrule Warriors would utilize the Amiibo figures. It was only known that support was promised. But a new trailer answers that question by (literally) taking Link for a spin.

Using the Link figurine will introduce the Link Spinner character. This will allow Link to surf Hyrule atop a spinning disk, taking out copious amounts of enemies along the way. He'll also have his own set of abilities, including one that allows him to summon other spinners to lob at foes.

Link won't be the only Amiibo usable with the game. Other Amiibo figures can be used with the game to gain special weapons, rupees, or other bonuses. Experimentation looks to be encouraged.

For more on how Link will roll (or spin), check out the video below.

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