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Super Smash Bros. glitch bans players for over 100 years

We're all for banning bad players, but banning them for over 100 years is a bit extreme.


Super Smash Bros. for 3DS had quite the interesting glitch prior to its release in the US that created super-sized opponents during matches. This weekend, a new glitch was found that makes it pretty much impossible to play online games.

The newly-discovered glitch, uncovered by Kotaku, bans players from online play for roughly 136 years. The glitch was discovered through a number of uploaded images on Twitter by Zenaorz1, who just so happens to be based in Japan. He isn’t the only one who is experiencing this glitch as a Reddit thread has gone up where other players have shown their glitched games as well.

Reddit user seakladoom offers some advice on what to do to not come across this glitch which includes not singling out a player during four-player matches, fight in 1-vs-1 battles, don’t quit in the middle of matches, and of course, don’t go online at all.

We’ve reached out to Nintendo to see if there are any plans to fix this glitch as banning someone for over one hundred years seems to be a bit on the extreme side.

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