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Microsoft Band is a wearable that wants to improve your health and productivity

Microsoft announced its first wearable, the Microsoft Band, overnight that aims to improve the user's health and productivity. For $200, it can do a lot for your every day life, but what about your gaming?

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Microsoft has announced its first official wearable product geared towards both productivity and keeping track of your vitals with its Microsoft Band.

Microsoft Band allows the wearer to track a number of workout-related items, such as how many reps you’ve made and calories burned, and also includes a heart rate monitor that is able to check on you for a complete 24 hours. A sleep-tracking option is also available that will give its wearer a detailed report on how long you slept and the quality of your sleep. The Band does this by determining how often you wake up during the night, the duration of deep or light sleep, and your average heart rate per hour.

As for its ability to make its wearer more productive, the Band will offer email and calendar alerts, display and respond to texts, and is voice-enabled, which allows the user to speak directly with Microsoft’s Cortana, although this feature is only available if you have your watch connected to a Windows Phone device. The Band will also be pairable with either an Android or iOS device.

Considering how Microsoft offers a uniformed experience across all of its device, I could certainly see the company use its Band to interact with either PC or Xbox games in the future. I mean - how cool would it be to have a game interact with you based on your vitals or alert you with an in-game message if you receive a text from an important contact?

For those interested, the Microsoft Band retails for $200 and is available to purchase on Microsoft’s website.

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