Super Smash Bros. for Wii U: The Nintendo Direct recap

Did you miss today's Nintendo Direct for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U? Shacknews hits the bulletpoints of what you missed.


Now that Super Smash Bros. for 3DS is available to all, Nintendo would like to dispel the notion that the Wii U version is simply that version on a bigger console. While the idea of beating up Nintendo mascots remains the same, today's Nintendo Direct unveiled 50 previously-unknown facts about Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. As expected, the list ranged from the mundane to the sublime and Shacknews is here to recap all of them for you.

Here were the noteworthy reveals issued during today's Nintendo Direct presentation, direct from the Smash Bros announcer:

  • Over 40 of the game's characters will be unlocked out of the gate, more than what was found on the 3DS. The movesets will remain the same, down to the unlockable attacks.
  • The Wii U version will (obviously) have a higher resolution. It will be fully rendered at 1080p. And with a grander scale means that 8 players will be able to play at one time, for full-blown chaos!
  • 8-player Smash battles will be so big that it will only be supported on certain stages. It will not be supported online.
  • Bigger stages will be featured, mostly to accomodate larger-scale battles. Among them are Palutena's Temple, the classic Hyrule Temple, and a Big Battlefield stage.
  • The Great Cave Offensive stage will be based on Kirby's Super Star and will be filled with danger zones. There are also instant KO spots that will immediately take out anyone at over 100% damage.
  • Jungle Hijinx will be based on Donkey Kong Country Returns, adding in a new stage from the DK world. As with DKCR, players can shift between battling in the foreground and the background.
  • There will be more stages on the Wii U version than the 3DS version, with Wii U structures differing from their 3DS counterparts.
  • A Miiverse stage is set to debut, but it's not ready for release day. It will be ready after the game's launch.
  • Palutena's Temple will feature Palutena and Pit dialogue, similar to the Metal Gear Solid easter egg from Brawl. A similar feature will be in place in Star Fox stages.
  • Gaur Plain stage will return from the 3DS version, but Metal Face will invade when nightfall hits, adding another boss to the proceedings.
  • Ridley will invade the Metroid 'Pyrosphere' stage. Hitting Ridley enough times will win him over as an ally to use against other fighters. Ridley can also morph into Meta Ridley after consuming enough energy. Defeating Ridley will add a KO to your score in timed Smashes.
  • Coin Battles return from previous games, which were not featured on 3DS.
  • Stamina Battles also return from previous games, in which fighters are eliminated after their HP is reduced to zero.
  • Special Smashes return, as well. Custom game types can be selected and combined.
  • Item frequency can be adjusted in Smash menus.
  • My Music returns from Brawl, allowing percentage adjustments for each stage.
  • Menu music can also be changed, from classic to today.
  • The Wii U version will feature more than double the music tracks than the 3DS version, including all of that version's tracks.
  • The music will be crafted by a large number of composers.
  • That means unlockable CDs are back from Brawl, offering another unlockable to be found in-game.
  • Challenges return from Brawl and the 3DS version. There are over 100 challenges this time around.
  • Classic Mode will differ from the 3DS version, allowing players to advance based on skill. Rivals and challengers randomly pop up. The difficulty meter from the 3DS version will also return. Classic will support two-player co-op.
  • Clear movies return from previous console iterations of the series.
  • All-Star Mode reverses the order of the 3DS version, requiring players to defeat opponents in reverse chronological order.
  • Event Mode is a branching game mode that sees players taking on unique challenges. Co-op is also supported here and some challenges are specifically crafted for two players.
  • Smash Tour is a board game mode that sees Miis advancing across the board collecting items, power-ups, and fighters. Miis that intersect go into battle. The idea is to win each battle and gain strength building up to the final showdown, which is a Stock battle of all fighters collected over the course of the game.
  • Target Blast offers a bigger bomb on the second turn than the 3DS version, requiring a shift in strategy. There will also be three different stage layouts.
  • Stadium games can now be played by up to four players, offering a new twist to classics like Home Run Contest and the like.
  • Master Hand and Crazy Hand take the lead in Special Orders, in which each of the wacky gloves issues a specific order for a special reward. Master Hand issues orders, while Crazy Hand's challenges can be played for an in-game fee. Crazy Hand will also challenge players himself at the end of his game.
  • Master Core returns in the Wii U version with new forms. In particular, he can become the Master Fortress, becoming a literal labyrinth. This will only unlock in higher difficulties.
  • Nearly all controllers are supported, right down to the GameCube controller and the 3DS.
  • The Nintendo GameCube Adapter will connect to two of the Wii U's USB ports, with a special controller set to release with the game.
  • That Wii U option on the 3DS version? The announcer reiterates that this means the 3DS is usable as a controller.
  • The 3DS can also be used to carry over that version's custom characters, right down to their equipment.
  • More trophies will be featured in the Wii U version, celebrating Nintendo's console heritage.
  • Final Smash trophies will feature more exquisite detail. To get these, clear All-Star Mode.
  • Trophy Box will offer a new way to lay out trophies and show off to your friends.
  • Photo Studio allows players to mess around with their trophies to create unique picture opportunities.
  • Trophy Rush returns from the 3DS version. The Wii U version will feature two-player co-op, in which two friends can compete for more trophies.
  • Masterpieces returns from Brawl, offering snippets of classic games featuring members of the game's roster. The Masterpieces will be linked to their eShop counterparts.
  • Amiibo figures will debut with Super Smah Bros on Wii U. The Amiibo characters can gain experience through battle and by feeding them equipment, becoming stronger over time. Amiibo can also earn rewards through gameplay.
  • Online is a pivotal part of the game, but the Wii LAN Adapter is recommended.
  • The Online menu will feature notifications for recent events.
  • Online tag matches can be played with two players on a single console.
  • Online players can host Tournaments, though this feature will not be ready for launch.
  • Tournaments can hold up to 64 players, with replays available following each match.
  • The Wii U GamePad will act as the 3DS controller in the sense that it offers fighter damage information and the like.
  • The Wii U GamePad can be used to take photos and also manipulate them with the touch screen. A future update will allow users to send these photos to friends.
  • Voice chat will be enabled through the Wii U GamePad mic. This will be available when playing with friends before and after games.
  • Yes, the Stage Builder from Brawl returns on a much grander scale. The Wii U GamePad can be used to adjust pieces of the terrain. There are five themes available with dozens of pieces usable.
  • Photos, Mii Fighters, custom stages, etc. will be shareable after a future update, but this will not be available at launch.

The massive list ended with the formal reveal for Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings as entrants for the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros., which shouldn't come as too much of a surprise for anyone with the 3DS version of the game. Video reveals like this one will also be available in the game in full HD, while the announcer also confirmed that the Sound Test CDs would be available with purchase of both games. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is set to release next month on November 21.

Oh, and one more thing. WARNING: CHALLENGER APPROACHING! Mewtwo is on his way back! He will return as a special downloadable character for anyone that purchases both versions of Smash Bros. If you need some extra time to grab both versions, there's no rush. Mewtwo won't be ready until Spring 2015.

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    October 23, 2014 3:35 PM

    Ozzie Mejia posted a new article, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U: The Nintendo Direct recap

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      October 23, 2014 3:36 PM

      Also, MEWTWO IS BACK!!!

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        October 23, 2014 3:53 PM

        As $40 DLC!

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        October 23, 2014 3:54 PM

        If you buy both the WiiU and 3DS version. That's some expensive DLC.

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        October 23, 2014 3:56 PM

        There's no way he doesn’t end up as paid DLC

        I'm hoping for some new characters to come out as DLC; hopefully they don’t just release older characters.

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          October 23, 2014 3:59 PM

          It hit me just now that if it takes these guys 6+ months to get Mewtwo into the game, then nobody should be holding their breath for Ice Climbers anytime soon.

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            October 23, 2014 6:30 PM

            I'm betting that they're going to do something similar to the Hyrule Warriors and Mario Kart DLC, where they release the DLC as a pack, with the option to buy a season pass.

            So if I had to guess, it's going to be 6 months because they want to release the first DLC pack not too long after they release the "free" version of Mewtwo.

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        with a big middle finger to the fans. 50+ awesome things, and one middle finger. wtf nintendo?

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      8 player (local) battles? We're gonna need a bigger number of controllers.

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        There are so many controller options for this game, so it shouldn't be a problem.

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