Destiny Tips and Tricks

Check out these awesome tips and tricks to help you get started and stay ahead of the game in Bungie's new hit shooter, Destiny!


Destiny is a massive place, and finding all those Dead Ghosts and Golden Chests can be a pain when you keep getting turned around when dealing with large waves of enemies. Fret not dear friends, we've sent out a team of experts to bring you the best tips and tricks for finding these collectibles, all while working up a winning strategy to put you at the top of the leaderboards in every Crucible match you play. What are you standing around for? Don't you have a world to save or something?!

  • Every Gold Chest Location - Having trouble locating all those beautiful sparkling Gold Chests? Look no further than our definitive guide for all their locations!
  • Locate every Dead Ghost - Looking to score massive points and grab that Ghost Hunter achievement? Here's a detailed guide to point you in the right direction!
  • Grimoire Cards? - "What are these things and how do I use them? Why do they matter?!" We're here to provide those answers!
  • Surviving the Crucible - Tired of ending up dead at the feet of your overzealous enemies? It's time to take the fight to them and punch in some faces, unless of course you're not a Titan... in which case you should probably just stick to whatever epic weapons you have.
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