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Sleeping Dogs graphical comparison video

Want to see what exactly is different from the PC version of Sleeping Dogs and its definitive edition? Then you need to watch our latest video.

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Square Enix released yet another “definitive edition” of one of its popular last-gen titles, Sleeping Dogs. Earlier this week, Steve Watts wrote up an impressions piece on the updated version of the title, but if you prefer to see the differences for yourself, we went ahead and put together a short comparison video.

The comparison video puts the original Sleeping Dogs with HD texture pack up against the new Definitive Edition. As you can see from our video, the definitive edition features not only HD textures, but also improved lighting, particle effects and better draw distance. I also notice the sound has been improved in the definitive edition, but I don’t recall Square Enix saying that would be one of the improvements.

Either way, if you have yet to play Sleeping Dogs, I think it’s safe to say that you need to fix that as soon as possible.

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