Xbox One October system update rolling out today

This month's system update for the Xbox One includes the new Snap Center, an improved achievements app, and an all-new Friends section, among other things.

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We’re a little over halfway through October, and today, Microsoft has announced they have started rolling out this month’s update that offers a lot of highly-requested features for the Xbox One console.

Today’s update will offer a new snap feature called the Snap Center. Double-clicking the Xbox button on your Xbox One controller will result in the Snap Center coming up, where you’ll be able to choose to snap and unsnap and app, return to your main application or access your snapped app.

The achievements app has also been improved to allow sharing your hard-earned achievements along with a caption, see when your friends unlocked that very achievement, and shows what achievements players have unlocked on recently played games.

Spying on your friends’ activities is going to be a little easier now as today’s update includes an all-new Friends section. This section allows you to stay up-to-date with your friends’ current activities, see what games are most popular among your friends, and a Gamerscore leaderboard to see who has wasted dedicated the most time to unlock additional points to their Gamerscore total within the past month.

The laundry list of updates that’s included in today’s update includes a Live TV MiniGuide, DLNA and MKV support, accessing your TV as soon as you boot up your Xbox One, and more. The included video does a pretty good job of covering the most important updates, but for the full list, head on over to Xbox’s site.

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