Resident Evil TV series planned by films' production studio

Did you want a Resident Evil TV series? Well - too bad. You're getting one.


Were you a part of the minority that actually enjoyed the Resident Evil films? Well - you’re going to want to clutch your Nemesis plush extra tight as a TV series is currently in the works.

The television adaptation of Resident Evil is being handled by Constantin Film, which is the production group behind the Resident Evil films, according to Variety. The company is adapting its Resident Evil films to the small screen not because fans have been clamoring for it for years, but instead it’s part of a larger movement to bring their properties to your television set.

Whether or not the Resident Evil television series will be based on the films or on a completely new storyline are currently unknown, but what we do know is the television adaptation won’t launch until Constantin Film completes its next Resident Evil film. Let's just hope Constantin Film has learned from its numerous mistakes with the Resident Evil films to possibly help the television series succeed. Although, we wouldn't hold our breath.

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