Weekend PC download deals: a fall reprieve

There aren't a whole lot of deals of note this week, aside from the always-reliable Steam. Consider it a break amidst the continuing onslaught of fall new releases.


October is in full swing and that means there isn't much more time to fill your back catalog before you're drowned out by the new fall releases. Most retailers are trying to cram in a few deals, while a few others look to be biding their time for the Christmas holiday. Steam is offering up the Focus Home Interactive catalog, while Newegg offers up great 2K games, GamersGate celebrates Square Enix and Deep Silver, and GOG has some pretty amazing recent releases that are DRM-free, as always. Aside from that, it's a quiet week for big deals. Check out our full list of deals below.

But first, a word from Shacknews Deals. Use the promo code SHACKNEWS to get 10% off!

  • Batman Arkham City GOTY Edition [download only] - $9.99 (50% off)
  • Shacknews Deals is giving away Android Phones! Check out the full details here.

Here's our selection of this weekend's PC deals:


Bundle Stars

Pay $9.99 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and 7 of its DLC packs. All of these are Steam Early Access titles.

Or pay $3.99 for S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Clear Sky, Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive, Dark Raid, Epigenesis, Lovely Planet, Dead Effect, 3089 - Futuristic Action RPG FPS, Iron Storm, Chrome, and Chrome SpecForce. These activate on Steam.

Or pay $2.99 for Steal Bastard Delexe, Gray Matter, Zeno Clash, Etherlords II, Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages, and Heroes of Annihilated Empires. These activate on Steam.

GameFly Digital

Use the code OCT15OFF to get 15% off your purchase. For those across the pond, use the code UKOCT15OFF.


  • The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II [Steam] - $7.50 (50% off) (Other Van Helsing content also on sale for TODAY ONLY here.)
  • Alien Breed Trilogy [Steam] - $7.82 (74% off)
  • Flockers [Steam] - $13.39 (33% off)
  • Other games in Gamersgate's Team 17 sale, including Worms games, can be found here.
  • Saints Row IV [Steam] - $10.00 (50% off)
  • Risen Franchise Pack [Steam] - $20.00 (50% off)
  • Other games in Gamersgate's Deep Silver sale, including Saints Row and Sacred games, can be found here.
  • The Elder Scrolls Online - $30.00 (50% off)
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition - $20.00 (50% off)
  • Other games in Gamersgate's Elder Scrolls sale can be found here.
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut - $5.00 (75% off)
  • Tomb Raider GOTY Edition - $7.50 (75% off)
  • Other games in Gamersgate's Square Enix sale, including Hitman and Thief games, can be found here.


Get Games

  • Painkiller: Hell and Damnation [Steam] - $4.99 (75% off)
  • Darksiders II [Steam] - $7.49 (75% off)
  • Other games in Get Games' Nordic Games sale, including other Painkiller and Spellforce content, can be found here.
  • Final Fantasy XIII [Steam] - $11.99 (25% off)


  • Shadow Warrior - $9.99 (75% off)
  • Democracy 3 - $6.24 (75% off)
  • Other games in GOG's Big Games promo, including Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure and Gods Will Be watching, can be found here.

Green Man Gaming

Enter the code OCTOBE-R20GMG-OFFERX to get 20% off your purchase. Restrictions apply.

Humble Bundle

Pay what you want for Supreme Commander Gold Edition, AquaNox, AquaNox 2: Revelation, Black Mirror, and Summoner. Pay more than the average $6.40 to also receive MX vs. ATV Reflex, Titan Quest Gold, Darksiders, and Red Faction Armageddon. Pay $10 or more to also get Darksiders II, Spellforce 2: Demons of the Past, and Deadfall Adventures. Select soundtracks included. All games work on Steam and are Steam keys are available with a $1 minimum.

Or pay what you want for Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Love, A Slow Year, and LYNE. Pay more than the average $7.21 to also receive ibb & obb: Best Friends Forever Double Pack and Proteus. Pay $8 or more to also get Mini Metro and Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator Co-Pilot Double Pack. Pay $17 or more to also get the Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator Captain Pack (+4 additional copies). Select soundtracks included. All games, except A Slow Year, work on Steam and Steam keys are available with a $1 minimum.


  • Sid Meier's Civilization V Complete Edition [Steam] - $16.50 (67% off)
  • Bioshock Infinite [Steam] - $7.50 (75% off)
  • Borderlands 2 GOTY Edition [Steam] - $13.59 (66% off)
  • Other games in Newegg's 2K Sale, including Spec Ops: The Line and XCOM: Enemy Unknown, can be found here.


As well as regular discounts, Steam has a couple of additional weekend deals.

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    • kch legacy 10 years
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      What is the deal with Rise of the Triad? On steam it still shows 14.99 but "in my library". I can't see it or play it though.

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        I think Rise of the Triad was actually LAST weekend.

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