WildStar rules out holiday events for 2014

Those hoping to celebrate Halloween and Christmas with WildStar were given a pre-emptive lump of coal, with Carbine citing that the team is putting all of its priority on a massive patch set to release in a few weeks.


Carbine had high hopes for ringing in the Halloween holiday in WildStar. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that holiday whimsy is in the cards this year. Though it's been in development for several months, the studio has confirmed that WildStar will be skipping October's Shade's Eve event, due to quality concerns.

"We did have Shade's Eve ready to go," product director Mike Donatelli said on WildStar's weekly Nexus Report video (via Rock Paper Shotgun). "It was wrapped up. It was going for October. We ended up pushing the Drop into its window and we just did not feel it was going to get the amount of testing we, Carbine Studios, wants the content to get. We don't want to put out content that's buggy. Players have said, "Stop putting out buggy content," so we're not going to, but that's also going to impact the amount of content and how fast we can get it out. Shade's Eve could have gone out but I would have worried about the quality of it."

Donatelli added that the team has been focusing all of its energy on a massive patch set to deploy in late October/early November that addresses many of the game's most imperative issues. As a result, Shade's Eve would not receive sufficient testing. With that in mind, Donatelli effectively ruled out WildStar's Christmas event for those same reasons.

For more on the current state of WildStar, including the status of Megaservers, addressing 'burned out' users, optimization, check out the full Nexus Report video below.

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