Divekick AE+ arrives on Xbox One and PS4 with Johnny Gat

Saints Row's Johnny Gat is taking a pit stop from his road trip to hell to join in on Divekick: Addition Edition+, which is now out on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


Those looking to get their fill of both diving and kicking on their next-gen consoles are now free to do so. Iron Galaxy released the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Divekick: Addition Edition+ and they're now available to download. And that means that Saints Row's Johnny Gat has made his long-awaited arrival, taking a pit stop from his trip to hell to join the battle six months after he was first announced.

Addition Edition+ issues tweaks, balances, and bug fixes to the game's existing characters. But there's no doubt that the big draw is Gat, with his signature attitude and some Saints Row-based specials, like the car-summoning Valet Service, the Black Hole Launcher, and the Dubstep Gun. Pro player John 'Argenrost' Martin issues his detailed impressions of Gat on the Divekick forums.

Unfortunately, those currently waiting for Divekick's existing platforms to get the AE+ update that includes Gat will have to wait a little longer. The Divekick Twitter account has confirmed that PC, PlayStation 3, and Vita will not receive the patch until next week. The patch is still set to arrive at no extra charge.

This isn't all that Iron Galaxy has in store for Divekick fans. Iron Galaxy producer Dave Lang follows up on his expressed desire to issue new characters by promising one free new character a month for as long as Divekick remains active in the online community. Check out his boastfulness in the video below. You can also learn more about the Divekick mechanics in a second video from lead designer Adam Heart. (Hint: there's more to it than diving and kicking.)

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