Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate getting Metroid-inspired gear

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is getting a dose of Metroid in addition to other previously revealed content.


Monster Hunter players will be able to fight various beasts as Samus in the upcoming Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Capcom and Nintendo revealed today.

Metroid-style gear will be available in not only 3DS Eastern versions of Monster Hunter 4, but also over here in the West as well. Players will be able to take on a number of quests in order to create both the Zero and Varia suits as well as Samus’ Arm Cannons that are featured in the new trailer released today.

Metroid isn’t the only piece of collaboration that Capcom has included in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate as we know cameos for some Animal Crossing characters as well as Sonic- and Zelda-themed gear will also be making an appearance in the game.

Considering Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is releasing this weekend in Japan, we wouldn’t be surprised if these are all of the pieces of collaboration we’re going to be seeing in the title.

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