How Tri imagines first-person geometric puzzles

Tri is a quirky first-person puzzle game that requires the use of an artifact that creates triangles of all sizes to solve puzzles and explore. Shacknews recently had an opportunity to learn more about this game.


Tri is an interesting mind-bender of a puzzle game, in the sense that players must move forward by building triangles to help them across various 3D obstacles. There are numerous dangers that include deep pits, lasers, and random traps and triangles are the only way to get through them all. Tri is the brainchild of indie studio Rat King Entertainment, with Rising Star Games tackling publishing duties. Shacknews recently had a chance to look at Tri and speak to Rising Star about it.

"In Tri, you're the player and you've been taken into the realm of the Odd Gods," explains Rising Star's Samuel Elphick. "One of the gods has gone missing and, using the power of the Tri, you'll have to get through the temples to find her and restore order."

Elphick goes on to discuss the various functions of the Tri, which allows players to create platforms by putting three points at any point on the map. This allows the use of principles like reflection, platform-creation, and more.

Check out our full interview below. For more on Tri, check out the Steam listing.

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