The Evil Within introduces us to everything that wants to kill us

A new trailer for The Evil Within highlights "the haunted," many of the traps we'll come across, and the Keeper.


We’re nearly a week away from the release of The Evil Within, which means it’s about time you get better acquainted with this survival horror game. We’ve highlighted some of the game’s recently released videos, but today, it’s time to know exactly how you’ll be fighting for your life.

The new “fight for life” trailer gives us a brief overview of the enemies Detective Sebastian Castellano will be coming in The Evil Within. The enemies are known simply as “the haunted,” and as the video describes them, it seems they’re going to be quite the formidable opponent considering they’re only objective is to slaughter anything they come across without any sort of mercy. The haunted won’t be your only enemy as Castellano will also come across traps throughout his investigation.

And then there’s the Keeper. You never want to see the Keeper.

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