Super Smash Bros for 3DS Easy Beginner Characters

If you’re planning on getting Super Smash Bros. on the 3DS today, check out these easy-to-use characters.


In Super Smash Bros, some characters require practice to use due to their high learning curve. Some also rely on using tactics and special moves to do damage.  Some of the characters in Super Smash Bros. 3dS are easier to use than others. Here are a few beginning characters to help get you started, to help make your experience the best on day on.  

Duck Hunt

When you first get started with Duck Hunt, take time to learn his move list. Duck Hunt is tailored to casual players who just want to jump in and play. Hunt has three projectiles, variety of Smash Attack to use, does decent damage with aerial attacks, and has a great recovery move when needed in battle. 

One of the best ways to use Duck Hunt is its ability to make a safe return to the fighting stage if you get knocked off. This works in conjunction to Hunt’s recovery move, which helps carry him high into the air. If an opponent gets close we recommend using the Wild Gunman to escape. If you choose to attack by air, Hunt’s aerial attacks are on the best in the game. 

Link and Toon Link

Advanced players at their highest level of will use Link and Toon link differently. Both characters have a wide array of projectile attack, making it easy to spam. The ability to fight your enemy from across the screen, and toss powerful long-range attacks makes it one the best strategizes in Super Smash Bros. Both Links are able throw at opponents’ arrows, bombs and a boomerang. We prefer the boomerang due to its ability to come providing a chance of a second attack. 

Another reason why both Links are great characters for causal players are their ability to protect themselves up close. A Spin Attack can be used clear out opponents launching them into the air. This could potentially result in scoring knockouts. Spin Attack have the ability to do strike twice causing additional damage. 

The main complaint we have with both Link’s are the limited recovery options. We found using projectile attacks is a good way to getting back onto the fighting stage if knocked off. Link’s throws take time to execute, but can throw targets far away. They can also be used to get back onto the fighting stage. 

Little Mac

Little Mac is a close-range fighter with no projectile attacks, which can tough for beginners. Little Mac has many options to stay ahead in the fight, due to his ability to chase down fighters who prefer to fight from far away.  Mac’ Jolt Haymaker special can cover the fighting stage, and continue fighting. 

Little Mac can absorb attacks and still hit fighters thank to his super armor. His forward dash can be a goof way to setup special moves, or Smash Attacks. It’s easy to mash the A button to setup a barrage of close-range jabs upon your opponent. 

Always keep an eye out for your Power Meter, which is located right above Little Mac’s Damage percentage. When full Little Mac can unleash a KO uppercut. This move increases with the more damage you’re taking in battle. Don’t use your KO Uppercut right away for this reason, and opponents will be more on guard for it.


Mario is one of the most user-friendly characters in this installment of Super Smash Bros. He has the ability to throw fireball projectile attacks from across the screen. His Super Jump Punch is great way of ending combos, and potential scoring a KO. If you need to get away Mario’s F.L.U.D.D water gun can give you the chance to get away from your opponents 

Mario has some of the easiest combos to perform. Us up tilt several, and ending your combo with an Up Smash and Super Jump Punch. This will inflect a number of hits upon your enemy, and is easy to perform on character’s that prefer to fight up close. Mario’s recovery options are limited, and need to be used together. The Cape and Super Jump need to be activated to make your way back to the stage. On the reverse side you can use F.L.U.D.D, and Fireball attacks to prevent opponents from reentering the ring. 

The Villager

Animal Crossing has finally made its way to the Super Smash Bros. series, and The Villager character is a playable fighter. He’s easy to pick up and play, while focusing on building up power that setup his move set and abilities.  

One of the best aspects of the Villager is how he defense against projectile attack. He has the ability to catch long-range attacks and pocket them for later use. When the villager uses pocket attack they become slightly stronger than the original attack. The Villager has many ways of recovery and staying in the ring. If you get knocked off the stage, the Balloon Trip recovery move covers a great deal of vertical distance, and both balloons have to be popped to stop it. In addition, if you mash B you will move even higher into the air.

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