Far Cry 4's numerous weapons highlighted in latest trailer

Far Cry 4 has a lot of weapons. It's best to get to know some of the deadlier ones before the game comes out.


After hearing Far Cry 4’s antagonist, Pagan Min, tell his side of the game’s story, we wouldn’t blame you if one of the first things you did in the game was get yourself some serious weaponry. Lucky for you, the latest trailer for the game highlights several of the many weapons you’ll be able to attack countless enemies and wildlife with.

Far Cry 4’s weapons dealer is named Longinus, and it’d be wise for players to remember it as he’ll be the person who will help equip you with tons of weapons during your time in Kyrat. Longinus narrates today’s trailer, highlighting some of his favorites that include an MG42, Mortars, Flamethrowers and a large blade known as the Kukri.

Not all of the weapons in Far Cry 4 will require bullets though as Longinus informs us using bait to lure predators to kill your enemies is certainly a viable option. Just be sure you throw bait very far away from where you’re going to be hiding as placing it too close could bite you butt. Literally.

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