Peggle 2 drops onto PlayStation 4 this October

PlayStation 4 owners will finally be able to get the Peggle 2 fever when the game releases this October.


PlayStation 4 fans perked up a bit when PopCap announced Peggle 2 will be making its way to their console of choice this fall. Seeing has fall just started this weekend, we’re surprised to report Peggle is coming out much sooner than we originally expected. In fact, Peggle 2 is coming out on October 14.

The PlayStation 4 version of Peggle 2 will display in native 1080p resolution at 60fps, which seems to be the sweet spot for current-generation games. Players can expect a total of five different Peggle Masters to play with, as well as trials, Peg Party and the Duels multiplayer mode. If you’re up to date with Peggle 2 on the Xbox One, then you’ll feel right at home with the PS4 version.

If you absolutely can’t wait until Peggle 2 is released on October 14, PopCap Games will be hosting a live feed of the game in action on their official Twitch channel between 10:00am and 11:00am PT. During the livestream, fans will be able to chat with PopCap’s community marketing manager Jason Van Beveren and senior audio director for Peggle 2 Guy Whitmore.

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