Watch Link and Sheik fight evil in two Hyrule Warriors videos

The Shacknews video crew recently had some hands-on time with Hyrule Warriors. Behold the fighting prowess or Link and Sheik!


Hyrule Warriors is set to venture onto Wii U this coming Friday. As the forces of evil descend upon the land, it's up to Link and his allies to save the kingdom. To get a peek into the battles ahead, the Shacknews video crew recently had a chance to go hands-on with some of the game's characters.

The videos below has Link's abilities on full display. Watch as he clears out evil forces with the swing of his mighty blade and the magical power of the Fire Rod before taking on the massive King Dodongo. It'll also reveal some gameplay footage of Sheik taking on hordes of baddies along the Faron Woods, as she journeys to meet the Great Fairy before taking on the massive arachnid Gohma.

Check out the videos below. Hyrule Warriors arrives this Friday on Wii U. While you wait, you can read through our review.

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