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Infinite Crisis deploys largest update yet with two more Champions

Infinite Crisis is getting a major overhaul with the September update. On top of revamping the interface and upping the game's graphic performance, it's also getting two new Champions in the form of Nightmare Robin and Atomic Joker.


The MOBA space is rapidly filling up with heavy hitters and major contenders. So it's easy to forget that Turbine has its own entry into the MOBA space with the DC Comics-based Infinite Crisis. The studio is hoping to make its presence felt a little more with the game's largest update so far, along with two new Champions.

The latest update will offer an entirely new launcher with a revamped interface. Likewise, all of the game's maps are getting a graphical upgrade with improved performance. It's also getting a fresh tutorial mode for newcomers, in which DC's finest heroes will show you the ropes.

The new Champions include Nightmare Robin, the vampire world's version of Damian Wayne, who continues the fight for justice in the wake of Batman's fall to vampirism. His skills include The Hunter, Arching Blades, Impale, and Unnatural Reflexes. He attacks with his ultimate attack of Feed the Beast, which latches onto opponents and leeches their health upon killing.

The other Champion is Atomic Joker. This version of the Clown Prince of Crime is a severed head, held captive in a suspended vessel by the military, who would tap into his mind for nuclear war scenarios. Now released into a desolate world and attached to a silent brute named Gaggy, Joker seeks to reshape the world in his whacked out image. Atomic Joker is a marksman that uses attacks like The Punchline, Hot Potato, Plutonium Peel, and Acid Balloon. His ultimate attack is Jack in the Box, which fires four rocket salvos at the two nearest enemy champions.

For more on the new characters, check out the trailers below. Find the full patch notes for the latest update here.

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